Web & App Development

Despite my long career history in Finance I’ve always had a passion for technology. I’d always volunteer at work for any tech related projects or look to discuss technical with IT and analyst staff. I believe there are numerous and largely unexplored opportunities for custom apps to improve workflow and team communication. Over the past couple of years I’ve been getting the skills to be able to develop apps and websites to add to my existing experience and give me the tools to develop some of my ideas myself.

Below are some examples of my work to date. For more detailed updates see Hut41.


My wife wanted a personal website where she could blog, organise her social media, and display her art. As she would need to update this site a lot I felt WordPress was the ideal solution. As it was important for her to have a unique site I developed a custom theme using some parallax to create visual interest.


I wanted to develop a site that had a Ipsum generator for sporty nerds, pixel converter,color picker and some news. Mainly these were things I wanted myself so I collated these features into a site called yourdevtools.com. I had just finished an Adobe Illustrator course on Infinite Skills so I created all the graphics myself. The site itself is built using HTML5,CSS,PHP and JavaScript.

YourDevTools News

I found the lack of programming news apps irritating I delved into apps using C Sharp and XAML. It’s a simple RSS Feeder app using some of the best news sources for Web, App and Game development. See more at YourDevTools News on the Windows Store. Available on all Windows platforms.

Office Apps

Working on a number of Microsoft Office add-ins at present, follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to keep up to date.